2Build a Profile Support

Please note, this page is only for users who are still using 2Build a Profile. We would recommend our free upgrade to Evidence Me.

Parent Share 

Parent Share is a module of new “parent-oriented” features that span the app and the Web Suite.

Key features are:
  • Extremely quick, simple and effective way of proving “parental engagement” in the learning process.
  • Email reports to every parent in the class with just one click.
  • Parents can reply to the email and their responses are automatically stored in their child's records.
  • Immediately identify learners who require more observations before creating the parent report.
  • Quickly tag observations as being “parent-friendly”. Observations can be excluded from the parent report if unfinished/unsuitable.
  • Customise the parent report layout to suit the needs for the school.
  • Contact history page, showing every report sent to parents and all responses received back from parents.
  • No onerous setup or passwords for parents. Everything is done simply and quickly by email.
  • NEW: You can now set up parent emails even quicker by using a CTF file!