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Please note, this page is only for users who are still using 2Build a Profile. We would recommend our free upgrade to Evidence Me.

3. Create behaviour groups


Behaviour Groups will appear on your 2Reward Live! screen. These may be Houses, Year Groups, Class Names or even girls vs boys!
The behaviour groups will automatically be set to be the same as your teaching groups but if you would like to create new ones all you need to do is:
  1. On the 2Reward tab on your websuite, click on the blue Class Set up button (underneath Golden Rules) . Set up a group as normal, but include the following bracketed text after the name of the group: "(behaviour green)" ... or blue, orange or pink. 
  2. Click on "copy multiple learners into this group" .
  3. Select the children you want to be copied into the group & click insert.

2Reward user guide step 3